Out Of The Silent Planet: Weston's Ship

Jacob duncan out of the silent planet jacobduncan artstation
Jacob duncan ship design exploration
Thumbnails sketching to figure out what direction I wanted to go with the design.
Jacob duncan 3d model design ref
Finalizing specifics for the design before going into 3D
Jacob duncan jacob duncan lighting sketches
Playing with lighting and color, trying to figure out how I wanted to display the design.

This is my design for Weston’s ship that takes our characters through the wormhole and into Malacandra. I wanted to keep the original spherical nature of the ship whilst also making it more interesting looking and practical. I also wanted the design to be subtly suggestive of an insect, as a way of referencing Ransom’s crippling fear of extraterrestrial life being giant monstrous bugs. The point being to subliminally suggest that the real monsters are Weston and Devine.